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Bristol 405 1953–1958

Bristol 405 Magazine Advert

Bristol 405 Magazine Advert - "A masterly blend of the coachbuilder's art and scientific engineering practice, the Bristol 405 is a sophisticated, elegant car that will carry four people over great distances in superlative comfort at sustained high speeds."

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History of the Bristol 405

The Bristol 405 is a British luxury car that was produced between 1955 and 1958. It was offered as a four-seat, four-door saloon and a four-seat, two-door drophead coupé. The 405 itself came in two varieties. The 405 drophead coupé or 405D (43 produced) featured a convertible body by Abbotts of Farnham and is the more common (265 of 308 made). The body was built of aluminium panels over a steel and ash frame and was supported by a large horseshoe-shaped chassis. The majority of vehicles constructed featured a highly tuned (through improved valve timing) version of the 2-litre six-cylinder engine; dubbed the 100C, which produced 125 bhp as opposed to the regular 100B 405 engine's 105 horsepower.

When compared to the 403, the 404 and 405 featured a better gearbox with a considerably shorter gear lever, which enhanced what was already a very slick gear change by today's standards. Aside from the first models, the 405, but not the 404, featured overdrive as standard, and front disc brakes became an option on all but the earliest models and were added to nearly all 405 drophead coupés.

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