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AC 3000ME 1979–1985

AC 3000ME tyres

AC 3000ME in London

  • One source states that early models fitted 195/60-14 Tyres. In this size we can recommend the 195/60 VR 14 Michelin MXV3-A, however, the 3000ME was released on a few different sized tyres of unconventional sizes, so this tyre may not be correct for your model.
  • Tyres with a profile below 70% (e.g 195/60 VR 14 Michelin MXV3-A) should not fit innertubes.
  • We stock a variety of AC 3000ME tyres that could be fitted, but to know which tyre will be best suited to your 3000ME it would be better, in this case, to get in contact directly.
  • After a brief conversation with one of the classic tyre boffins we are confident that we can equip you with the very best rubber for your motor!
  • Call us on +44 (0) 1302 711 123 or send us an email @ [email protected].

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History of the AC 3000ME

A mid-mounted Ford V6 with a custom-made transmission was AC's attempt to raise sales, building the AC 3000ME from 1979-1985. Sadly this heavy engine killed the car's performance, and priced against the Lotus Esprit meant it was never a big seller with only approximately 100 built.

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