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Siata-Abarth 750 Tyres

All Siata Abarth 750s fitted 5.20 - 12 crossply tyres, as such, our recommendations for fitting them are the same as those for the Abarth 750s.

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History of the Abarth 750

The Abarth 750 was a 750cc performance derivative of the Fiat 600. The bodywork was originally made by Berlina but other coachbuilders produced bodywork too, namely Zagato who produced the most desired model of the 750, the 750 Zagato, which can be distinguished by its "Double-Bubble" roof design and the distinct engine lid used to clear the pushrod engine's upright carburettor and air cleaner. Abarth introduced their 698cc 700S model which was entered into the 1960 Le Mans but lasted around 31 laps. The car was only built from around 1956 to 1960, being succeeded by the 850 and 1000 Abarth models.

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