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Abarth 1000 1964–1970

Abarth 1000 TC Tyres

Abarth 1000 TC Racer

  • The Abarth 1000 fitted 5.30 - 13 crossply tyres.
  • The Abarth 1000TC and Monomille fitted 135 - 13 tyres.
  • The Abarth 1000 Bialbero, Coupe, and Spyder fitted 145 - 13. The tyre we recommend in this size is the 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ CA67. The tube for this size of tyre is the Michelin 13CG innertube.
  • The Abarth 1000 Berlina fitted 135 - 12. Currently we only stock the 135 R 12 Camac NC80 in the size 135 R 12. If you want innertubes, the Michelin 12C will be the right fit.
  • The Abarth OT 1000 fitted fitted 145 - 12. The tyre we recommend in this size is the 145 SR 12 Michelin MX. The Abarth 1000 tube we offer for this size of tyre is the Michelin 12CG.
  • The Abarth 1000 O.T Coupe fitted 5.20 - 13. If you wish to retain the original crossply size of 5.20 - 13, we stock the 5.20 x 13 Camac. The innertube for this tyre is the Michelin 13D.
  • However, our recommended Abarth 1000 tyres are 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ CA67.
  • Some Abarth 1000 TC owners may have selected 155 R13 tyre because of challenges in finding 145R13 tyres or their preference for a more substantial tyre footprint.
  • If the 155R13 size is on your agenda, we highly recommend the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • To achieve the best results with 155R13 tyre, it's advisable to pair them with the Michelin 13D innertube.
  • The Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsa, O.T.S, and S.P fitted 4.50 - 13. Sadly, we do not have any classic tyres of this size that are road legal.

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History of the Abarth 1000

The first Fiat 600-based Abarth to be fitted with the larger 982cc was the Zagato-bodied Berlinetta which was similar in appearance to the 750 and 850 Monza models. It was first shown at the October 1960 Paris Motor Show. Many different body styles were developed for the Abarth 1000.

The Monomille was a lower-priced alternative sold alongside the Bialbero. The overall design was less complicated and was built with the Zagato style bodywork, although it was instead constructed by Abarth, hence the "Carrozzeria Abarth" badge.

The 1000TC Abarths were fantastic racing cars, claiming victories across the post-war years. The 1000TCs alongside the 850TCs were fantastically tuned Fiats, dominating the competition in the smaller classes.

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