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Here is a short film made about the late Silver Shadow 1 tyres, also relevant to post 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche tyres

Rolls Royce Corniche Tyres

  • Original equipment tyres on an early pre-1973 Rolls Royce Corniche were 815 - 15 crossply or 205 - 15 Radial.
  • We would suggest the best tyre for an early series 1 Rolls Royce Corniche is a 205 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72.
  • Avon also make the 205 R 15 Avon Textile which is an option for pre-1973 Corniche.
  • Although not exactly the correct size, we could also offer a 215/75R15 Galaxy Whitewall. They do fit and people are often tempted by its budget price, it has a thin white band, (which can be fitted inwards if you don't want white walls).
  • The Michelin 15/17H13 will be the best fitting inner tube for these tyres if you desire them.
  • In 1995 the Corniche S fitted wider 7.5" rims and changed to wider 255/65 VR 15 Avon Turbospeed CR27 tyres.

Post 1973 Corniche Tyres

  • In 1973, Rolls Royce followed the trend and moved to the more modern, low profile tyre size 235/70-15. At the time, Rolls Royce was keen to fit Michelin's asymmetric XVS tyre, because of its handling characteristics, however, Michelin was not keen to support Rolls Royce's very low-pressure recommendations.
  • So the post-1973 Corniche was fitted with 235/70 R 15 Avon Turbosteel or the 235/70 VR 15 Avon Turbosteel Whitewall for its soft quiet ride.
  • The 235/70 HR 15 Michelin XVS was the best option for those owner drivers who wanted to improve the handling of their Corniche.
  • There is a budget alternative 235/70 - 15 Galaxy Whitewall with a white band on one side.
  • If you want to fit an inner tube to The Corniche 1, Corniche 2, Corniche 3 or Corniche 4 with 205R15 or 235/70R15 tyres, we suggest the 15/17 H13 Michelin inner tube.

Modern Classic Corniche Tyres

  • In 1995 the Turbocharged Rolls Royce Corniche S. (Corniche S meaning Sport) fitted 255/65 VR 15 Avon Turbospeed CR27.
  • The 5th series Rolls Royce Corniche fitted 255/55 WR 17 Avon CR228D from the year 2000 through to 2002.
  • These later Corniche 5 and Corniche S cars with tyres of a profile lower than 70% should not fit an innertube.

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    Rolls Royce Corniche Recommended Tyres


    Starting at $586.32 $488.60

  2. 235/70HR15 Michelin XVS
    235/70 HR 15 Michelin XVS

    Starting at $586.32 $488.60

  3. 215/75R15 Galaxy Whitewall
    215/75R15 Galaxy Whitewall

    Starting at $157.08 $130.90

  4. Other Options for Rolls Royce Corniche Tyres

  5. 235/70x15 Michelin XVS Whitewall
    235/70x15 Michelin XVS Whitewall
  6. Set of 4 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72
    Set of 4 205 R15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72

    Starting at $2,199.12 $1,832.60

  7. Jeu de 5 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72
    Set of 5 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72

    Starting at $2,736.72 $2,280.60

  8. 235/70 HR15 Michelin XVS
    Set of 4 235/70 HR15 Michelin XVS

    Starting at $1,678.32 $1,398.60

  9. 235/70 HR 15 Michelin XVS
    Set of 5 235/70 HR 15 Michelin XVS

    Starting at $1,879.92 $1,566.60

8 Items

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The following video is the Longstone Classic Tyres Team how to use a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow on the autobahns in Germany sporting a set of 235/70 HR 15 Michelin XVS tyres.

History of the Rolls Royce Corniche

The Rolls Royce Corniche is a front-engined, 2 door, rear-wheel-drive luxury automobile manufactured by Rolls-Royce as a hardtop coupé (from 1971 to 1980) and convertible (from 1971 to 1995). The Corniche was a variant of the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, that was developed by Mulliner Park Ward. The 2-door Saloon and Drophead Coupé were launched in 1965 and 1966, respectively. The production stayed in London at Mulliner Park Ward until March 1971, when the new name was adopted.

The Corniche gets its name from the experimental Corniche prototype, built in 1939. The term derives from the French word corniche, which refers to a seaside road, particularly one that runs along the face of a cliff, such as the Grande Corniche; that runs along the French Riviera above the principality of Monaco.

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