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Not Blockley Tyres

  • The Excelsior COMP H is not a Blockley Tyre.
  • Like the Blockley Tyre, the tread pattern of the COMP H is designed to be reminiscent of the 1920s and early ‘30s Dunlop tread pattern.
  • The Dunlop 3-Stud tread pattern used by Excelsior and Blockley went out of fashion in the 1930s because it was not suited to Tarmac roads.
  • Longstone tyres no longer sell Blockley Tyres.
  • We would suggest, that for the best lap times, we would recommend Dunlop racing Tyres on vintage cars.

10 Items

10 Items

Vintage Tyres by Excelsior

(Not Blockley tyres)

The Excelsior Comp H is a vintage tyre suitable for all manner of vintage cars with its traditional looks and superb performance. Blockley tyres are not sold by Longstone Classic Tyres.

Excelsior Comp H road/race vintage tyres are designed to be used both on road and track. They have a speed rating of H (130mph) and are DOT marked.

Longstone Tyres will not sell tyres by Blockley Tyres.

These vintage tyres by Excelsior are not Blockley tyres, Blockley tyres are not sold by Longstone Tyres

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