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4.50 - 21

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    450 - 21 Vintage Tyres

  1. 450 - 21 Inner Tubes

8 Items

Q: What are the best 4.50-21 tyres for a Model A Ford?

A: We are very happy fitting Lucas 440/450-21 tyres on our Model A Ford. We believe it is extremely good value for money, are impressed how well they drive when they are such a good price. We don’t know of a better tyre in the size 4.50-21. Also worth noting that a Model A Ford should fit the Long Central Valve Tube 450x20/21

Q: What is the cheapest 4.50X21 tyre for an early Austin 12/4?

A: The 12-4 Austin originally fitted 4.75-21 tyres. However we would suggest the 440/450X21 Lucas is extremely good value and also drives extremely well.

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