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Pirelli P6000 Tyres

Pirelli P6000

The Pirelli P6000 was unveiled to the public in 1995. It was produced as a sports car tyre, that also fitted many sedans and coupes of the 90s.

The P6000 is the successor to the Pirelli P600 and P6 classic tyres. The P6 was released in 1977, with the idea of "safety with high performance" pushing the design of the tyre, and becoming, not only the benchmark radial tyre but making Pirelli the benchmark tyre company. In 1985, the P600 came out, further expanding on all the features of the P6, with a particular focus on moving water and improving the prevention of aquaplaning.

Pirelli's concept of blending safety and comfort into a classic sports car tyre was carried over from the P6 and P600 into the P6000. This ended up in with the P6000's signature "Wave" tread pattern and its silica-based tread compound. The Pirelli P6000 features resulted in a tyre that provided:

  • Excellent driving comfort.
  • Improved wet traction.
  • Low noise levels, thanks to its patented pitch sequence.
  • Improved sports handling, due to its rigid lateral blocks.

Some of the Pirelli P6000 classic tyre sizes have the N homologation which means that the tyre is approved by Porsche as a quality tyre to fit to their classic cars.

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  1. 185/70WR15 Pirelli P6000 N2
    185/70 WR 15 Pirelli P6000 N

    Starting at £310.80 £259.00

  2. 195/65 R 15 PIRELLI P6000 N
    195/65 R 15 PIRELLI P6000 N

    Starting at £334.80 £279.00

  3. 215/60WR15 Pirelli P6000 N2
    215/60 R 15 Pirelli P6000 N

    Starting at £406.80 £339.00

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