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The Pirelli P Zero Rosso is an extra-high-performance tyre specially designed for modern sports automobiles, providing the perfect blend of performance and ride comfort. Its large longitudinal perforations around the perimeter ensure exceptional performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The innovative design of the P Zero Rosso tyre features grooves that effectively remove surface water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. It is an excellent choice for sports cars with medium-high displacement and is compatible with modern computerised traction and stability control systems.

The P Zero Rosso offers exceptional steering accuracy on both dry and wet surfaces, providing optimal performance and comfort.


  • Directional design with longitudinal tread: Safety in wet conditions, high cornering capability.
  • Four continuous longitudinal grooves: Improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations.
  • Asymmetric pattern design with a compact external area provides lateral stiffness, which allows for excellent traction and grip at high speeds.

P Zero Rosso Homologation

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso has received more than 200 Original Equipment certifications from the world's leading automakers. The Pirelli P Zero Ross has been homologated by top automobile manufacturers such as Audi, Bentley, Mercedes, and Porsche, highlighting its exceptional performance and quality.

P Zero Rosso Legacy

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso was released in 1999, with Pirelli branding it as "the fastest, quietest, and most comfortable sports car tyre in history". Its name, 'Rosso', means 'red' in Italian, which is synonymous with speed and driving fast cars in Italy.

Pirelli uses the name P Zero as a marker to highlight the degree of evolution in ultra-high-performance tyre technology that the P Zero Rosso represents, with "zero limits" being the inspiration behind the earlier Pirelli P-Zero tyres. This ethos continues to inspire the new generation of P Zero Rosso ultra-low profile performance tyres.

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12 Items

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