Michelin XVS-P

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185 HR 15 Michelin XVS-P

185 HR 15 Michelin XVS-P

Michelin XVS-P Tyres

  • Michelin progressed the development of the XAS asymmetric tyre by releasing the XVS-P.
  • The XVS-P has many of the benefits of the original asymmetric tyre, but has a more squared shape and presents more tread to the road, allowing a more comfortable ride, and an increased grip in the corners.
  • The Michelin XVS-P is well suited to a range of iconic classic cars, including the Citroen DS, the Aston Martin DB5, and the Fiat 8V.
  • This tyre can tackle the significant high-speed limitations on slippery winding roads due to an enhanced XAS sculpting that is different on the right and left shoulder.
  • The XVS-P uses tread design modifications known as variable pitches, which decrease noise while driving.

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1 Item

Michelin XVS-P FAQ

Q: Is the Michelin XVS the same tyre as the Michelin XVS-P?

Sort of. The P of XVS-P stands for Protection. The XVS is an asymmetric tyre, and the XVS-P has a raised curbing band for protection on the outside of the tyre.

Q: Is the Michelin XVS-P the cheapest 185HR15 Tyres?

It may not be the cheapest tyres in the size 185HR15, but we would suggest it is extremely good value

Q: What speed rating is the Michelin XVS-P?

The 185HR15 Michelin XVS-P has an H speed rating for 130mph.

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