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Michelin MXV

Michelin MXV Tyres

  • The Michelin MXV was developed in 1982.
  • Michelin now also produce a 185HR14 white wall MXV, with a white side, wall instead of the curb protection.

MXV-P Tyres

  • The P in MXV-P stands for protection; it has a raised curbing band on the outside of the tyre.
  • The MXV-P is a highly durable tyre with excellent directional stability.
  • The 185 HR 14 Michelin MXV-P is the tyre we consider the best for Triumph Stag and many Classic Mercedes.

6 Items

6 Items

Michelin MXV-P FAQ

Q: Do Michelin make white wall tyres?

A: Yes. Michelin make a 185R14 White wall MXV. This tyre is great on an early Triumph Stand and many classic Mercedes cars.

Q: What does the P mean in MXV-P?

A: the P stands for Protection. The Michelin MXV-P has a raised curbing band on one side, to reinforce the tyres side wall against contact with the curb.

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