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1933 Vauxhall Cadet Standard Saloon

1933 Vauxhall Cadet Standard Saloon

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History of the Vauxhall Cadet

The Vauxhall Cadet was a car manufactured by Vauxhall from 1930 to 1933. On October 6, 1930, Vauxhall introduced a completely new model. The first Vauxhall was priced around £300 and was meant to augment the existing 24 h.p. 20-60, which was later renamed the Vauxhall Eighty. When exported, it was frequently equipped with a 27 h.p. engine and was dubbed the VX. It was the first really new Vauxhall since General Motors bought the company in 1925, and it was an American-style automobile with some local modifications.

The Cadet is credited as being the first British automobile with a gearbox "embodying the now-famous Synchro-Mesh principle" a gear changing technology that makes every driver an expert. It was fitted to all Cadets in late 1931 and provided perfect shift-speed functioning.

The overhead valves on the 17-hp six-cylinder engine are actuated by pushrods, and the unit itself is hung on rubber at four spots to dampen all vibration in top gear. The carburettor's choke and throttle controls are linked, allowing for instant starting from cold. The radiator is enclosed in a shell and protected by a stone guard. The engine cooling system lacks thermostatic control. The three-branched inlet manifold is located on the engine's near or left side, above the four-branched square-sectioned exhaust manifold. Timing is accomplished by the use of a duplex roller chain. The crankshaft is supported by four bearings.

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