Vauxhall 20-60

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Vauxhall 20-60 Tyres

throughout the history of the 20/60 Vauxhall fitted a number of different tyre options. Based on fitment guides of the period here is what longstone recommends:

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    Vauxhall 20-60 Recommended Tyres

19 Items

History of the Vauxhall 20-60

Vauxhall 20-60 is a four or five-seater saloon, limousine, tourer, or coupé-cabriolet produced by Vauxhall of Luton. It was unveiled on September 28, 1927, with a six-cylinder engine and a four-speed transmission. A careful downward motion. This is the first time a six-cylinder Vauxhall has been sold for less than £1000! After a year, the 2.7-litre engine was upgraded to a 3-litre engine.

The better equipped 20-60 succeeded the 4-cylinder Vauxhall 14-40 and was priced to be at the lower end of the luxury market, with six cylinders, four gears, and five brakes. Despite the fact that the new engine's capacity or swept volume was just 465cc, the whims of the RAC or tax formula increased its tax rating from 14HP to 20HP. This tax hike was a severe burden on property owners. Its design was finished before General Motors took over in late 1925, resulting in an automobile that was "in construction and plan British".

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