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1951 Standard Vanguard

1951 Standard Vanguard

Standard Vanguard Tyres

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History of the Standard Vanguard

Built from 1947-1963, the Standard Vanguard was the first car to carry the new Standard badge post-war. The name derives from the last British battleship launched in 1944 the HMS Vanguard, with permission to use the name only being granted after long negotiations with Navy top brass. The Navy inspired name was meant to appeal to servicemen returning from WWII postings in the Navy. A facelift of the base model by Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti and coachbuilders Vignale in 1958 created the Standard Vignale version. There would also be a Standard Ensign, which used a larger engine with slight restyling of the base Vanguard as well as a Standard Vanguard Six which came with a six-cylinder engine.

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