Siata 208

Siata 208 Classic Tyres

  • The Siata 208S and 208CS fitted 165-400 radial tyres.
  • The tyre we recommend in this size is the 165HR400 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67. This tyre is the highest speed rated 165 R 400 tyre currently available, allowing you to use your 208 to its maximum potential.
  • If you wish to fit a whitewall tyre to your 208, Michelin manufacture the 165SR400 Michelin X Whitewall.
  • The tube we offer for these tyres is the Michelin 16E. Innertubes are required for 208 wheels.

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    Siata 208 Recommended Tyres

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History of the Siata 208

The Siata 208S and 208CS hit the market in 1952, the 208 S being a Fiat 8V with a lightweight sports spider with the body designed and built by Carrozzeria Rocco Motto. The 208 CS is the coupe model of the 208, 18 of these cars were built, 11 with Balbo bodies and 7 with Stabilimenti Farina built bodies. Both cars were powered by the Fiat Tipo 104 V8 and featured a 5-Speed manual transmission. The car gained a following when Steve McQueen purchased the BS523 model in LA. Only 35 208 S and 18 208 CS cars were produced.

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