Salmson S4

Salmson S4 Classic Tyres

British Salmson S4 Classic Tyres

  • The British Salmson S4C fitted 5.00 x 18 crossply tyres.
  • The tyres we recommend in the size 5.00 x 18 are the 4.75/5.25 x 18 Michelin D.R.. We suggest fitting the Michelin 18/19CD innertube with these tyres.
  • The British Salmson S4D fitted 625 - 16. Unfortunately, no classic tyre manufacturers make a tyre in this size. We instead recommend fitting 6.00 x 16 classic tyres.

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History of the Salmson S4

Salmson S4 Classic Tyres

The Salmson S4's origins trace back to the 1928 Paris Motor Show. Salmson had surprised the attendees with a new small six-cylinder-engine powered car called the "Type S". It was fairly similar in appearance to the previous 4-cylinder cars that Salmson were producing at the time, with the only distinguishing feature being the "Six" placed in the centre of the grille. The Type S did not sell very well as the Great Depression led to a sharp reduction in sales, especially as the Type S was intended to be more upmarket.

The S4-C was launched in the Autumn of 1932 as a mid-size executive-level car in the 8CV tax band thanks to the 1.4L 4 Cylinder engine it came with. This placed it alongside the cheaper Peugeot 301 and Renault Monaquatre, but the luxury, technical marvel, and price of the S4C meant that it was intended to be sold to more well off clientele than other models of its size.

The S4C came in a variety of body forms: a "Faux Cabriolet", which was a 2-door, four-seater body, a four-seater "Coach Lumineux", the four-door "Berline" Saloon body, the sports model "Roadster", the "Cabriolet", and the "Berline Alonge" (lengthened saloon).

The Salmson S4-D was introduced in 1934 as an upgraded version of the S4-C, now being equipped with a 1.6L (1596cc) engine, subsequently upping the tax band to the 10cv band. with the success of these models, at the 1936 Paris Motor Show, Salmson launched their next upgrade, the Salmson S4 - DA. Increased cylinder bore allowed an increase in capacity to 1731cc.

It only took another year at the Paris Motor Show of 1937 for the next entry in the S4 line to arrive. The Salmson S4 E was a hit at the show's Salmson Stand, with a huge power increase with its new 2.3L 4 Cylinder engine, sending it up to the 13CV tax bracket. The added bonus of hydraulic brakes was another selling point among a litany features added to this line, another feature to note was the Citroen Traction inspired longitudinal torsion bars added in the suspension system. The car was reputed for its fantastic performance and road-holding as well as the skill and technicality in its construction that Salmson was known for.

The S4-DA model was replaced by the very technically similar S4-61 in 1938 until 1942 when production stopped during wartime. Production continued in 1946 and finished in 1952 which is when the company ceased production following being sent into administration.

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