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  • The Salmson AL cyclecars fitted 26 x 3 beaded edge tyres originally. These may also be described as 700 x 80 tyres, this is just the metric equivalent to 26 x 3 and are in fact the same size.
  • Often people change away from beaded edge wheels to more current 19" well-based wheels on a Salmson AL. For these well-based wheels, we recommend fitting 350 - 19 tyres instead.
  • For a Salmson AL on 19" well based wheel, we recommend fitting 350 - 19 tyres instead, particularly our 350 x 19 Longstone tyres. These are specially designed to reduce wandering on the road with their squarer and better-structured carcass. We have also retained a period tread pattern and sidewall on these tyres to give your car the full period look as well as the best performance.
  • These tyres should be fitted with the Michelin 19MF Central Valve innertube.
  • However, if you wish to fit the Salmson AL's original beaded edge tyre size, we stock the 26x3 Ensign. This tyre should be fitted with the Michelin 21MDR Central Valve innertube.

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History of the Salmson AL

In 1913, Salmson created their motoring divison, Société des Moteurs Salmson (SMS). The Billancourt factory owned by Salmson was adapted into their car manufacturing plant. The firm had no experience in car manufacturing prior to this. Before they commenced car manufacture, Salmson was developing aeroplane engines and a biplane during the war effort. Salmson started producing the GN cyclecar under license, later displaying six of these cars at the 1919 Paris Motor Show.

The Salmson AL was developed in 1921. The AL utilised the Emile Petit-built, four-cylinder engine that featured the unique pushrod actuated valve system. Pushing the rod opened the exhaust and pulling the rod opened the inlet. Notable victories for the AL include the 24 hours of le mans (1926-1928) and the 200 Miles of the Brooklands (1922 - 1925).

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