Renault Primastella

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Renault Primastella Tyres

  • In production Renault fitted cross ply 700 - 17 Tyres tyres to the Primastella.
  • If you desire cross plys we would suggest a set of the 7.00 x 17 Firestone tyres.
  • We would ultimately suggest fitting a radial tyre as they perform much better on high-speed, modern roads than cross plys.
  • Longstone's cross ply recommendation for the Renault Primastella is the 6.50/7.00 x 17 Michelin D.R..
  • The recommended inner tubing for a tyre of this size is the Michelin 17/18H inner tube.

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  1. 650/700x17 Michelin D.R.
    6.50/7.00 x 17 Michelin D.R.

    Starting at $475.44 $396.20

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