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1933 Morris Isis

1933 Morris Isis

Morris Isis 1955–1958

Classic Morris Isis Tyres

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  • For a Morris Isis or Morris Isis Traveller a set of 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 is recommended by Longstone Tyres as the best period radial upgrade for the Morris Isis. As the PIRELLI CINTURATO &trade was developed in 1952 and would have been the tyre of choice for the Morris Isis in period.
  • The Morris Isis left the factory fitted with 640 - 15 cross ply tyres of which we would suggest the 640 H 15 Dunlop RS5 to be the best, the 640 H 15 Avon Super Safety is also excellent.
  • Isis wheels require innertubes. For these tyres the Michelin 15F is the ideal innertube.
  • Presently there is also another extremely good radial alternative to improve the handling of the Morris Isis. In 1965 Michelin developed the XAS which was the first Asymmetric tyre. To fit the Isis Michelin make a tyre called the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS. The advantage of this tyre is it is very tall and thin compared to other radial tyres around this size.
  • For these tyres we recommend the Michelin 15E innertube.
  • One of the problems with fitting radial tyres instead of cross-ply is it tends to make the steering heavier. The thinness of the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS improves the directional stability being an asymmetric radial, but because it is thin the steering does not get too much heavier.

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History of the Morris Isis

Originally the name of a line of six-cylinder automobiles made between 1929 and 1931, the name was revived for the second run of six-cylinder cars built between 1955 and 1958. The Post-War Morris Isis was introduced in 1955 to replace the Morris 6 MS, but both the Series I and Series II sold badly in comparison with Ford and Vauxhall at the time, and the line was phased out shortly thereafter.

The Isis was powered by a 2.6 L, 86 horsepower C-Series engine from the Austin Westminster. The Isis, unlike the Westminster, featured a single SU carburettor. The four-speed transmission included a column shift and an optional Borg-Warner overdrive system. The automobile shared the almost-unibody shell and torsion bar front suspension of the 4-cylinder Morris Oxford series II. To accommodate the bigger straight-6 engine, the wheelbase and front end was extended, and a "woody" 2-door estate variant was also offered. The Isis could achieve 90 mph thanks to its powerful engine.

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