Lanchester Ten

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Lanchester 10 Tyres

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    Lanchester Ten Recommended Tyres

  1. 500/525x16 Avon Tourist
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Avon Tourist

    Starting at £166.80 £139.00

  2. Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13
    Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13

    Starting at £21.60 £18.00

  3. Other Options for Lanchester Ten Tyres

  4. 500/525x16 Dunlop C18
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Dunlop C18
  5. 500/525x16 Excelsior
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Excelsior

    Starting at £114.00 £95.00

  6. 500/525x16 Waymaster Premium
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Waymaster Premium

    Starting at £106.80 £89.00

  7. 500/525x16 T/T Classic Roadmaster
    5.00/5.25 x 16 T/T Classic Roadmaster

    Starting at £92.40 £77.00

6 Items

per page

History of the Lanchester Ten

Built between 1932-1935 and then again from 1946-1951 the Lanchester Ten was a light saloon marketed in between the expensive super-luxury Daimler and the three-wheeler BSA cars. The original Lanchester Ten was the smallest one ever produced but also in the largest amount, with 12,250 made overall. the later Lanchester Ten or LD10 as it's more commonly known was a compact saloon craftsman built by Briggs Motor Bodies but suffered from rust due to the quality of steel allocated in the post-war years by the Government to Lanchester. This lead to the bodywork being made with aluminium coaching from 1949.

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