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Lagonda LG45 Tyres

  • With W.O Bentley's team's influence on the 4.5 Litre Bentley they moved onto 18"wheels. We would recommend 6.00/6.50 x 18 Michelin D.R.
  • For racing usage we would suggest that the 5.50/6.00 x 18 R1 Dunlop Racing will give much better high-speed handling than anything else.
  • This car requires innertubes to function.
  • We would fit Michelin 17/18 H RET reinforced innertubes for an LG45 Lagonda on tyres in this size.
  • There is a chance that your LG45 has 19" wheels in which case it is worth looking at our recommendations for the Lagonda M45.

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    Lagonda LG45 Recommended Tyres

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Lagonda LG45 History

Lagonda's stunning victory at Le Mans in 1935, led by WO Bentley, inspired the LG45 model, which was debuted the following year and was closely modelled on the Le Mans Team vehicles. The new LG45 was met with enthusiasm and positive feedback. The LG45 delivers a superb combination of legacy and modern comfort and dependability, thanks to its Le Mans pedigree, dependable Meadows 4.5-litre engine unit, and smoothly working gearbox. Lagonda announced the LG45 Rapide as the world's quickest automobile in September 1936. It utilised the same tech as the LG45R race vehicles, but with a more comfortable and elegant touring body that became the iconic British prewar automobile.

LG45 Rapide

Frank Feeley designed this Tourer, which had four seats, massive front fenders, cutaway doors, and elegant exterior chrome exhausts. The Rapide, like the competition vehicles, had a high-compression engine and improved gearing to boost maximum speed. 'The Motor' attained 108 mph in 1937, confirming it to be a legitimate 100 mph automobile.

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