Jowett Javelin

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Jowett Javelin at the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally

Jowett Javelin at the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally

Jowett Javelin Tyres

  • For Jowett Javelin tyres a set of 5.00/5.25 x 16 Avon Tourist is recommended by Longstone Tyres.
  • Innertubes must be fitted to this car. The ideal innertube for this is the Michelin 16E innertube.

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    Jowett Javelin Recommended Tyres

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History of the Jowett Javelin

Built between 1947-1953, the Jowett Javelin was a saloon driven by a water-cooled flat-four overhead valve engine with 23,307 produced. The car went through five variants; the Javelin PA, Javelin PB, Javelin PC, Javelin PD & Javelin PE, with each of these coming as either a standard or de luxe version. The engine was 1486 cc with two Zenith carburettors (PA and PB variants had hydraulic tappets) and the radiator was situated behind the engine. Though originally the car had its gearboxes built by the Henry Meadows company, they decided to move the production of them in-house which proved to be a costly mistake for Jowett.

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