Jensen GT

Jensen GT Tyres

The Jensen GT originally fitted 185/70VR13 PIRELLI Cinturato CN36. This is still the best option and is recommended by Longstone Tyres
Jensen GT Tyre pressure 24psi front and 28psi rear (32psi rear when fully loaded)

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    Recommended Jensen GT Tyres

  1. 185/70VR13 Michelin XDX
    185/70 R 13 Michelin XDX

    Starting at $384.72 $320.60

  2. Other Options for Jensen GT

  3. Other Options for Jensen GT

  4. 165HR13 Michelin XAS FF
    165 HR 13 Michelin XAS FF

    Starting at $283.92 $236.60

  5. 185/70HR13 Avon CR6ZZ
    185/70 HR 13 Avon CR6ZZ

    Starting at $330.96 $275.80

9 Items

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History of the Jensen GT

Built between 1975-1976 before Jensen went into receivership only 509 Jensen GT's were ever built. Designed as a sporty two-door hatchback (shooting-brake), it was nearly identical to the Jensen-Healey apart from the body shape and seating, plus smog control components on the engine.

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