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1935 Ford V8 Coupe

1935 Ford V8 Coupe

Ford V8

  • In 1932 the Ford V8 fitted 525X18 tyres. We recommend the 5.25/5.50 x 18 Lucas as the best value for money.
  • The 5.50 x 18 Michelin D.R. for the most comfortable driving experience.
  • The 5.50-18 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA will provide the best handling.
  • The ideal innertube for a tyre of this size is the Michelin 17/18H. Wheels from this era must fit innertubes.
  • In 1933 and 1934 the Ford V8 fitted 550X17 tyres. We suggest the 5.25/5.50 x 17 Lucas.
  • The correct innertube for a tyre of this size is the Michelin 17/18E.
  • Throughout the rest of the 1930s and 1940s the Ford V8 (often known as the Model 40 from 1933) fitted 600 - 16 Tyres.
  • There is a variety of 16” options, but the 6.00-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA is a good option.
  • Often people like a white wall tyre on an American car from the 1930s and 1940s, we offer the 600-16 General white wall.
  • For Ford V8 cars on 16” wheels we suggest Michelin 16F innertubes.

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History of the Ford V8

Instead of just upgrading the Model A, Ford introduced a fully new car in 1932. In its first year, the V8 was marketed as the Model 18, although it was more generally known as the Ford V8. It was powered by a new flathead V8 engine. The Model 18 was the first low-priced, mass-marketed automobile with a V8 engine, marking a watershed moment in the American auto industry. The 3.6 L V8 was rated at 65 horsepower, although output rose dramatically with carburettor and ignition advancements in subsequent years. The V8 was more popular than the four-cylinder, which was essentially a Model A engine with balance and lubrication improvements.

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