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Ferrari 512 TR

Ferrari 512 TR

Ferrari 512 TR Tyres

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History of the Ferrari 512TR

The Ferrari Testarossa (Type F110) is a mid-engine 12-cylinder sports vehicle produced by Ferrari that debuted in 1984 as the successor of the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. The Pininfarina-designed automobile was built from 1984 to 1991, with two model modifications following the conclusion of Testarossa manufacturing, known as the 512 TR and F512 M, made from 1992 to 1996. Including updated variants, over 10,000 vehicles were built in total, making it one of the most mass-produced Ferrari models.

The Testarossa is a two-door coupé that made its debut at the 1984 Paris Motor Show. The Testarossa was only offered with a rear-mounted, five-speed manual gearbox. The rear mid-engine design (engine between the axles but behind the cabin) puts the centre of gravity in the middle of the automobile, increasing stability and improving cornering abilities, resulting in standing weight distribution of 40% front: 60% rear. For the 1992 model year, the original Testarossa was re-engineered and debuted as the 512 TR (TR signifying the name Testarossa) at the Los Angeles Auto Show, virtually as a whole new car, with a better weight distribution of 41 per cent front, 59 per cent rear.

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