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Tyres for a 2CV

2CV Tyres

When the 2 CV was first developed it used 400mm wheels and fitted 125 R 400 Michelin X tyres. Then in 1960 Citroen changed to 15" wheels and fitted 125 SR 15 Michelin X tyres. There still isn't a better tyre for these cars. The design of the X carcass is an integral part of the design of the 2CV chassis.

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    Citroen 2CV Recommended Tyres

  1. 125SR400 Michelin X
    125 R 400 Michelin X

    Starting at $193.20 $161.00

  2. 125SR15 Michelin X
    125 SR 15 Michelin X

    Starting at $136.08 $113.40

  3. 125 SR 15 Michelin X Whitewall
    125 SR 15 Michelin X Whitewall

    Starting at $210.00 $175.00

  4. Other Options for Citroen 2CV Tyres

  5. 135SR15 Michelin ZX
    135 SR 15 Michelin ZX

    Starting at $136.08 $113.40

  6. 135SR15 Michelin X M+S
    135 SR 15 Michelin X M+S

    Starting at $188.16 $156.80

  7. Set of 4 125SR15 Michelin X
    Set of 4 125 SR15 Michelin X

    Starting at $520.80 $434.00

  8. Jeu de 5 125SR15 Michelin X
    Set of 5 125SR15 Michelin X

    Starting at $638.40 $532.00

  9. 125 R15 Michelin X Whitewall
    Set of 4 125 R15 Michelin X Whitewall

    Starting at $833.28 $694.40

  10. 125R15 Michelin X Whitewall
    Set of 5 125R15 Michelin X Whitewall

    Starting at $955.92 $796.60

9 Items

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Michelin X 2CV Tyres

ripple bonnet 2CV Tyres

Citroen 2CV

From 1949 to 1960 Citroen fitted a 125 R 400 Michelin X to their early Deux Chevaux. From 1960 the 2CV fitted a 125-380 Michelin X. This description has the rim diameter described as 380mm; today the rim is described in inches; so the 125 SR 15 Michelin X is the correct tyre. Fitting the correct Michelin X 125R15 to the Deux Chevaux is absolutely critical; the carcase structure is like nothing else and combined with the square-shouldered thin tread is an important part of the cars suspension and steering geometry. The 2CV and Michelin X 125R15 tyres were developed to work together. Michelin also make a 135SR15 Michelin X M+S (Mud and Snow) tyre.

For normal road use Michelin also make a 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX. However, 135 and ZX are not right on the car, with too much footprint a tall carcase with a tread pattern that is the wrong shape. Citroens 2 CV need the 125 SR 15 Michelin X.In Spain the standard equipment for a 2cv was a 135x15 Michelin ZX. The 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX was also fitted to the Citroen Ami.

Citroen 2CV Tyres

Deux Chevaux Tyres

Citroen Michelin X Whitewall

There are a variety of cheap 2CV Citroen Tyres available. However, these tyres are nowhere near the quality of the Michelin 2CV Citroen. Also when the 2CV was made it was designed to fit the Michelin X by Citroen while they were owned by Michelin. It is worth noting that the carcass design and structure of the Michelin X is different to other tyres, particularly modern tyres, and it is this carcass structure that is integral to the steering and suspension of Citroens little old Deux Chevaux. Michelin now also manufacture the original 125 SR 15 X with a white wall band as well.

What are the best tyres for a Citroen 1974 2CV?

From 1960 to the end of 2CV production, the best, and only tyre for a Citroen 2 CV has to be the 125 SR 15 Michelin X. The little Deux Chevaux was designed by Michelin with the Michelin X tyre in mind.

Michelin now make this important Citroen 2CV tyre with a white wall - 125 SR 15 Michelin X Whitewall.

What were the original tyres on a 1962 2CV?

Michelin patented the radial tyre in 1946. The early Ripple Bonnet 2CV was one of the very first cars to fit radial tyres as standard equipment Radial tyres in those days were very expensive, but the dramatically improved longevity made them financially economic. This 125mm section X radial tyre was an integral part of what made the 2CV such a ground-breaking car. When Michelin first developed the radial tyre they were only made to fit 400mm wheels in a world where all other wheels were in inches. So the first 2CV tyres were called 125-400 Michelin X.

By 1960, other tyre manufacturers, namely Pirelli, were making radial tyres to fit inch wheels sizes. As a result, Michelin followed suit, so the 2 CV fitted 15” wheels and started to fit 125SR15 Michelin X. Critically they were still the Michelin X carcass structure. However Michelin being as French as they were, they still couldn’t bear the idea of having inch sizes so the first 125SR15 X 2CV tyres were measured in millimetres so the original description printed on the side of the 1960s 2CV tyres was 125SR380 Michelin X (because 15” = 380mm).

So, in short, the answer to the question; what were the original tyres on a 1962 2CV is it was a 125 SR 15 Michelin X, However at the time the same tyre would have had the description 125 – 380 Michelin X written on the sidewall.

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