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Bristol Blenheim 3S

Bristol Blenheim 3S

Bristol 603 1976–2011

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History of the Bristol Blenheim

What would be the final evolution of the Bristol Type 603/Bristol Britannia, the Bristol Blenheim was a 2 door saloon built from 1993-2011. Bristol improved the 603 with the Blenheim, modernising the mechanicals of the automobile with the addition of a multi-port fuel injection, which improved both performance and fuel economy. The Blenheim introduced a four-speed automatic gearbox. Although turbocharging was no longer an option, the Blenheim Series 1 maintained the same level of performance as the Brigand.

With the launch of the Blenheim, there was a considerable shift in frontal and rear-end design. The headlights were paired and positioned well inboard from the car's extreme front. The bonnet was also changed, with gas struts installed to keep it up when raised for the first time, and it had a totally rectangular hinge for the first time in Bristol's history.

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