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BMW 1500

BMW 1500

BMW 1500 1962−1964

  • The BMW 1500 'Neue Klasse' originally came on a 600x14 crossply; however, this size is unfortunately no longer made.
  • We think that the best tyres to fit are a set of 165 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • For these tyres, the Michelin 14D is the ideal BMW 1500 innertube.

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History of the BMW 1500

Made from 1961 to 1964, the BMW 1500 was the first of what would become the New Class (Neue Klasse), featuring a new engine for a new car. Though replaced by the BMW 1600 in 1964, the BMW 1500 would continue to be made available in countries that taxed cars with engines more powerful than 1500cc. The BMW 1500 was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1961 and went into regular production in October 1962, continuing until December 1964. The M10 4-cylinder engine, generated 80 hp.

The 1500 had a top speed of 62 mph in around 15 seconds.  The performance was considered to be quite good for its engine size, and while the engine had to work hard to reach higher speeds, it operated smoothly even at revs beyond 6,000 rpm.  Those conditioned by the BMW 501 to expect a more comfort-oriented suspension were startled by the stiff suspension and subsequent harsh ride. According to some current opinions, the great visibility and commanding driving posture were appreciated; however, owing to the lengthy travel distance of the gear lever, it was required to lean forward somewhat to enter first and third gears. The big 40-cm-high baggage compartment was also praised.

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