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Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R 1985–1997

  • From the release of the Bentley Turbo R in 1985 it came fitted with 255/65 R15 tyres.
  • The only high-quality classic tyre currently made in size is the 255/65 VR 15 Avon Turbospeed CR27.
  • From 1987 The Bentley Turbo R had the option of fitting 275/55 R15 tyres.
  • The original equipment 275/55R15 tire is was the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ P7, unfortunately the excellent P7 is not currently made in the 275/55 R15 size.
  • The only high-quality classic tire currently available in this size is the 275/55 VR 15 Avon CR6ZZ, however this is primarily a racing tyre. This makes it less than ideal for the Bentley, a large heavy vehicle crafted for luxurious comfort and grand cruising.
  • The Turbo R fits low-profile tyres. Tyres with a profile below 70% (e.g. 275/55 VR 15 Avon CR6ZZ) should not fit innertubes.
Pirelli Bentley Turbo R Fitment Guide

Pirelli Bentley Turbo R Fitment Guide

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History of the Bentley Turbo R

During the 1970s, Bentley grappled with establishing its own distinct identity, especially as its models heavily resembled those of Rolls Royce, causing a decline in its brand prominence and sales. However, by the end of that decade and into the early 1980s, a shift was palpable. Bentley began crafting vehicles with a unique flair, setting its sights on a sportier driving experience.

Bentley's renewed vigour was evident with the introduction of the Mulsanne and the Eight during the early 1980s. Even though traces of the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit could still be spotted in these models, Bentley set them apart with signature front-end designs and improved seating ergonomics. The sporty spirit was further amplified with the Mulsanne S's debut. Yet, it was 1982's Turbo that decisively marked Bentley's comeback, instantly captivating automobile enthusiasts.

Responding to the Turbo's success, Bentley unveiled an upgraded version in 1985, the Turbo R. While it retained the foundational elements of the Mulsanne Turbo, including its V8 engine and turbocharger, the Turbo R boasted the state-of-the-art Bosch MK-Motronic fuel injection, boosting its output to a striking 328bhp. Safety concerns regarding the tyres' ability to handle the mix of heft and power led to the Turbo R's top speed being capped at 135mph.

The Turbo R, for a time, shared the stage with the Mulsanne Turbo. By 1985, Bentley decided to retire the Mulsanne. In 1986, enhancements came to the Turbo R, equipping it with superior anti-lock brakes and migrating from the Solex carburettors to the Bosch MK-Motronic fuel injection. Along with this, design improvements included slimmer sports seats and a refined rear axle ratio. 1988 brought aesthetic refinements to the Turbo R, introducing dual round headlamps and a bolder front spoiler. Marking the onset of the 1990s, Bentley transitioned to the GM's 4L80-E four-speed automatic transmission for the Turbo R by 1991-1992, a move echoed in other Bentley/Rolls-Royce variants.

From its inception in 1985 to its culmination in 1998, the Turbo R wasn't just a vehicle; it was a statement, redefining Bentley's identity and laying the groundwork for models to come. The Continental and Azure, inspired by the Turbo R, ensured that its legacy resonated well beyond its years of production.

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