Austin A40 Devon & Dorset

Austin A40 Devon and Dorset Tyres

Both the Austin A40 Devon & Austin A40 Dorset would be more than ideally suited by a set of 500/525x16 Avon Tourist according to the tyre boffins at Longstone Tyres.

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    Austin A40 Devon & Dorset Recommended Tyres

  1. 500/525x16 Avon Tourist
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Avon Tourist

    Starting at $199.92 $166.60

  2. 500/525x16 Dunlop C18
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Dunlop C18
  3. 500/525x16 Excelsior
    5.00/.525 x 16 Excelsior

    Starting at $144.48 $120.40

  4. 500/525x16 T/T Classic Roadmaster
    5.00/5.25 x 16 T/T Classic Roadmaster

    Starting at $117.60 $98.00

  5. 500/525x16 Waymaster Premium
    5.00/5.25 x 16 Waymaster Premium

    Starting at $132.72 $110.60

6 Items

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History of the Austin A40 Devon & Dorset

The first Austin to feature flush-mounted headlamps and front-hinged doors, over a quarter of a million were built between 1947-1952. It was also the first Austin to make use of the BMC B-series engine (as it would later be known), but still had many traditional elements like a separate chassis with hydro-mechanical brakes and independent front suspension. The A40 Devon was the original version, the A40 Dorset was instead just a two-door version of the Devon that mainly went for export. Amusingly enough in the UK more hot-rodded versions have survived than standard versions.

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