Austin MK2 A110 Westminster

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Austin MKII A110 Westminster Tyres

  • Austin A110 MK2 fitted 750X13 Dunlop Crossply tyres originally.
  • Even if this Dunlop tyre were still being made, the best tyre for this car would still be the 725SR13 Michelin X.
  • Mk2 Austin A110 Westminster tyre pressures – 32psi front and 28psi rear (28psi in the front with power steering)

The Michelin X was developed in period. It is a radial tyre perfectly suited to fitting onto a car that originally had crossply tyres, and of course it is made with Michelins excellent build quality. Fitting the radial Michelin X to your A110 Westminster will make the car more suited to our modern roads.

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    Austin MK2 A110 Westminster Recommended Tyres

  1. 725SR13 Michelin X
    7.25 R 13 Michelin X

    Starting at $319.20 $266.00

  2. 7.25 R13 Michelin X Whitewall
    7.25 R13 Michelin X Whitewall

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History of the Austin A99/A110M

A pinnacle in BMC's history, the 1959-1968 Austin Westminster was an impressive car. It featured a larger canvas and a twin-carburettor C-Series engine tweaked to 3 litres coupled with a three-speed transmission and servo-assisted front disc brakes. The Mark II Westminster A110 improved upon this and introduced a four speed manual.

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