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1954 Alvis TC21 DH Coupe

1954 Alvis TC21 DH Coupe

Alvis Grey Lady Tyres

  • The Alvis TC21/100, also known as the Grey Lady originally fitted 600 - 15 Tyres. The only tyres in this size are Dunlop racing tyres, which are not road legal.
  • The closest to a quality crossply tyre would be 640 H 15 Avon Super Safety.
  • The period radial upgrade option would be the 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 Collezione classic tyre.
  • The TC21 would have left the factory on tube-type wheels. If you have the original wheels or wire wheels, then innertubes are a must.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 15F is the best Alvis TC21 innertube.
  • The other excellent option, though slightly later tyre for the Grey Lady Alvis is 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 15E is the best fitting tube.

Alvis TC21/100 Tyres

The 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 is an excellent radial tyre designed for sports cars in the 1950s, so will be a fantastic upgrade for a TC21 /100. The Michelin 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS is a later, mid-'60s and ‘70s tyre for the Grey Lady, and because it is a slightly thinner tyre people may enjoy the lighter steering that this will offer. Both options are perfect, particularly in the absence of a correct crossply tyre for the Grey Lady.

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    Alvis TC21 Recommended Tyres

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History of the Alvis TC21

The Alvis Three Litre, TC 21 is a British car manufactured by Alvis from 1953 to 1955. The TC 21 was an upgraded version of the Three Litre TA 21 and was offered as a 4-door saloon as well as a 2-door drophead coupé in its later TC 21/100 configuration.

By altering the cylinder head and installing twin SU carburettors, the 2,993 cc engine was improved to generate 100 horsepower (75 kW). The suspension was the same as on the TA 21, with coil springs in the front and leaf springs in the back. The drum brakes, which used a Lockheed system, were also used in this model.

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