Alvis TB21

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Alvis TB 21

Alvis TB 21

Alvis TB21 Tyres

  • The Alvis TB21 originally came equipped with 600 - 15 crossply tyres. The only tyres in this size are Dunlop Racing tyres such as the 6.00 x 15 R5 Dunlop Racing, which are not legal for road use.
  • In 1960 they changed to 640 - 15 Tyres of which the 640 H 15 Avon Super Safety is the best Alvis TB21 crossply tyre available.
  • Alternatively we recommend a 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 as a great radial alternative, this tyre would make the TB21 more suited to modern high-speed roads.
  • Alvis TB21's left the factory on tube-type wheels with innertubes. For all these tyres we would suggest the Michelin 15F is the best Alvis TB21 innertube.
  • Innertubes are not necessary for most radial tyres, however, if radials are fitted to tube-type wheels then innertubes are required. For more information, see our innertube guide.

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History of the Alvis TB21

Built in 1951, the Alvis TB21 was an open two seater car based on the running gear of the TA21 saloon. Like the TA 14 had its counter-part TB 14 design, the same was intended with the TA21 and it kept the same coil spring suspension at the front and leaf springs at the back, whilst slightly modifying the engine to produce 90bhp.

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