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Alvis TA14

Recommended Alvis TA14 tyres

Alvis TA14 tyres for a standard car as recommended by Longstone Tyres.
Longstone Classic Tyres recommend the classic 185SR16 Michelin X as they are a genuine period Radial tyre first introduced in 1949. The fitment of a radial tyre will improve the directional stability and be more sure-footed on the road. This will reduce the wandering effect which is needed on today's modern faster roads cruising at higher speeds than in period. Fitting the 185x16 Michelin X, a genuine period radial of the correct diameter, will do all the above and also keep the steering lighter than other radial tyres in this size at an exceptionally good price, making it an easy choice when buying new boots for your classic Alvis.

Longstone tyres are also now in the position to offer the excellent 185VR16 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ in this size. It was the sports car tyre of choice and still is today.

Longstone Tyres also stock the original crossplies for your classic Alvis TA14.


Recommended Tyres for Alvis TA14

Alvis TA14 history

The Alvis TA 14 was the first car to be produced by Alvis cars after World War II. It was made from 1946 until 1950 when it was replaced by the classic Alvis TA21.

The car was available as a four door Saloon by Mulliers of Birmingham but there were also Tickford and Carbodies drophead versions. The bodies were mounted on an updated pre war Alvis 12/70 chassis that was widened and lengthened but retained the non-independent leaf spring suspension and mechanically operated brakes. Disc wheels replaced the 12/70s wires.

The 1892 cc engine is a slightly larger bore version of the one used in the 12/70 and produced 65 bhp. It is fitted with a single SU type H4 1½" horizontal carburettor.