Vintage Mercedes Tires

Vintage Mercedes

  • Mercedes Driver; the go to magazine for vintage Mercedes, has an article about Longstone Classic Tires.
  • Longstone stock a variety of tires for your vintage Mercedes: 7.25R13, 6.40R13, 185R14, 205/70R14 & 215/70R14.
  • Original equipment vintage tire tread patterns such as Pirelli CN36 and Michelin XWX are still manufactured for your Vintage Mercedes.
  • The Pirelli Collezione range of vintage tires is distributed in the U. S. A. by Lucas Classic Tires.
  • In the near future we hope to also offer 195/70VR14 Cinturato CN36 for your Vintage 1970s & ‘80s 300 and 280 Mercedes.

Classic Mercedes Tires

Classic Mercedes White Walls

Mercedes Driver Article

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