225/65 R15 Tyres

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225/65 R15

  • Currently the only 220/65 R390 tyre we are aware of is the Avon TurboSpeed CR39.
  • If you have 390 TRX wheels on your pre 1990 XJ40 you must fit 220/65 VR 390 Avon CR39, or fit 15” wheels.
  • The 220/65 R390 can only be fitted to 390mm TD or TRX wheels.
  • The 220/65 R390 tyre size is made for the XJ40. Some later XJ40 fitted 15” wheels with 225/65 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P5.

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    Classic 225/65 R15 Tyres

4 Items

225/65 R15 FAQ

What is the best 225/65 R15 tyre?

The 225/65 R15 Pirelli P5 was original equipment on the Jaguar XJ40. (some XJ40 had TRX 390mm wheels and need to fit 220/65 R390 Avon tyres). However for some cars such as AC Cobra, they might want the road race tyre 225/65 R15 Avon CR6ZZ, because it can be matched with other sizes from the CR6ZZ range.

What is the cheapest 225/65 R15 tyre?

When you are fitting tyres to cars such as a Jaguar XJ40, you shouldn’t choose tyres on price. The Pirelli P5 is a great tyre and a great value bargain.

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