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Classic Michelin XZX Tyres

Michelin XZX Tyres

  • The XZX succeeded the ZX in 1976, as a continuation of the Michelin X range of radial tyres.
  • The Michelin XZX range are extremely good value saloon car tyres considering the quality of the product.
  • The number of thin sipes in the tread pattern help move water improving wet grip.
  • The carcass structure of the XZX is designed to absorb the bumps of the road and give excellent levels of comfort.

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The Michelin XZX resulted from Michelins tradition of continuous research and development to improve tyre performance. The sophisticated radial casting design and special tread pattern combine to maintain high mileage potential and provide exceptional adhesion particularly in the wet. The XZX range of tyres was partially replaced by the MX range of tyres in the mid 80's.

The Michelin XZX Offers:-

Michelin's XZX is suitable for fitment to cars capable of 113mph (180km/h) with superb adhesion, particularly in the wet due to Michelins heavily siped tread design of the XZX; offering exceptional water dispersion. The tread life of the XZX lives up to Michelin's high standards. XZX offers High comfort with a low noise level good fuel consumption.

Michelin XZX fitment

Michelin's small range of XZX tyres offer the perfect tyres to fit Peugeot 404 or 403, Volvo Amazon and the VW Beetle or Coccinelle as it is called in France with the tyre 165SR15 XZX. Michelin also make a 145SR15 XZX which is for the Panahard 24, PL17 and Dyna Citroen GS and Renault R8, R10, Ondine Dauphine and Floride.

Michelin XZX Reifen Michelin XZX neumaticos Michelin XZX tires

Michelin XZX Radial Technology

The advantages of the radial tyre compared with the cross-ply tyre could be clearly seen in all areas:

  • Greater safety (road-holding, grip, braking)
  • Economical to use (double the mileage, considerable reduction in fuel consumption)
  • Increased comfort thanks to the flexibility of the sidewalls.

In the fifties the superiority of the X tyre was such that a number of racing drivers adopted it, although Michelin was not officially involved in any racing.

Michelin XZX FAQ

Q When did Michelin start making the XZX?

The XZX was the progression of the earlier Michelin ZX. The XZX was developed in 1976

Q What are the best tyres for a VW Beetle?

Michelin make 2 particularly perfect tyres for the VW Beetle. 155R15 Michelin X, around since the 1950s and 155R15 is the standard alternative to a 5.60-15 cross ply. The other would be the 165SR15 Michelin XZX, it is fantastic value and often people like the slightly larger XZX on a classic Beetle.

Q What seed rating are Michelin XZX tyres?

The current range of XZX tyres from Michelin are S rated, ie 112pmh or 180 kph.

Michelin XZX

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