Michelin SX MXX3

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Michelin SX MXX3

  • This small range of SX MXX3 tyres from the Michelin Collection range is ideal for Porsche 964, 993 & 930.
  • This small range of tyres are suited to the 16” wheels that were offered on the Porsche 911 since the ‘80s.
  • The Michelin SX MXX3 must be fitted tubeless.

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2 Items


Michelin SX MXX3

Michelin SX MXX3 Tyres

Michelin SX MXX3 Porsche Tyres

These two tyres, recently added to the Michelin Classic Collection are original equipment tyres fitted to Porsche cars from the Mid 80's to the Mid 90's on 944, 928, 925 and 911's models. Some Porsche models fitted 205/552R16 Michelin SX MXX3 on the front and 225/502R16 Michelin SX MXX3 on the rear. The 245/452R16 can be fitted on the same 7½ - 9 inch rims as an approved alternative.

Porsche Tyres SX MXX3

Michelin SX MXX3 FAQ

Q: Which classic tyre has the most Xs in its name?

A: Michelin’s Collection range of classic tyres includes the SX MXX3 which wins the title of tyre with the most Xs in its name. followed closely by the Michelin XZX and XWX.

Q: What cars do the Michelin Collection range of SX MXX3 tyres fit?

A: Michelin make 2 tyres in this post classic range 205/55ZR16 SX MXX3 and 245/45ZR16 SX MXX3. These offer a perfect solution for youngtimer Porsche owners. The SX MXX3 are ideal tyres for the Porsche 964, 993 and 930.

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