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MICHELIN - The sale of a MICHELIN Superconfort

SuperConfort Michelin

  • The Michelin Superconfort Stop S is often abbreviated to SCSS.
  • The Super Confort Stop S fits on a 400mm wheel.
  • These Michelin superconfort tyres are predominantly fitted to French cars such as Citroen traction Avant Peugeot 201, 202, 301, 302 & Georges Irat.

Compatible Cars

Peugeot 201, Peugeot 202, Peugeot 301, Peugeot 302, Rosengart LR, Celta 4, Pre War and early after war Citroen Traction Avant, Citroen 8cv, Citroen 7a, Citroen 7B, and George Irat all used the 130/140 40 S Super Confort Stop S tyre.

The 150/160 S Super confort Stop S vintage tyre is designed primarily for Citroen vehicles. The 150/160 S Super confort Stop tyre is designed to fit pre-war and post-war traction Avante automobiles. It is compatible with the Citroen 10cv, Citroen 11 UA, Citroen TA 7, Citroen 11 and Citroen 15. It is also compatible with the Peugeot 301, Peugeot 401, Peugeot 402, Nevasport, and Delahaye 138.

2 Items

2 Items

Super Confort


Michelin SCSS

Michelin SCSS Super Confort

Resulting from research which led to even lower pressures and slower wear, Michelin brought out a very low pressure tyre in 1932, the "Superconfort". 1935 saw the launch of the "Superconfort Stop S" the first tyre with a heavily siped tread pattern, specially designed for wet surfaces. At the time, Michelin was the only manufacturer who knew how to make this type of tyre with the famous wavy "zigzag" sipes, which greatly improve safety because of the excellent grip they give. As its name suggests, the "Superconfort Stop S" tyre offers exceptional comfort, in addition to its performance on the road.

Michelin SCSS Tyres

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