Wolseley 15 Tyres

Wolseley 15 Tyres

The Wolseley 15 series brings together two iconic automobiles that left an indelible mark on British motoring history: the Wolseley 15/50 and the Wolseley 15/60. Despite their distinct characteristics, these cars share a common thread: their designation as "15" models.

1956 Wolseley 15/50 Tyres

1956 Wolseley 15/50 Advert

The Wolseley 15/50

The Wolseley 15/50, produced from 1956–1958, is a beloved classic known for its timeless design and exceptional performance. 12,352 cars were produced in total.

Wolseley 15/60 Tyres

Wolseley 15/60 Advert

Wolseley 15/60

The Wolseley 15/60, a more refined model and the 1958–1961 successor to the 15/50, is cherished for its Pinin Farina styling. 24,579 models were produced in total.

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