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1936 Vauxhall Big Six

1936 Vauxhall Big Six

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History of the Vauxhall Big Six

The Vauxhall Big 6 is the name given to a series of vehicles manufactured by Vauxhall in the United Kingdom between 1934 and 1940. The factory standard six-light saloon was well appointed, with leather furniture and plenty of wood trim. "Triplex" toughened glass was utilised in all of the windows. Other bodies included in Vauxhall's own brochure were Grosvenor's "Hurlingham" coupé, the Rye cabriolet, and Martin Walker's Denton and Romney coupés.

A 7-seater "Newmarket" saloon was introduced to the lineup in 1934. The radiator grille was modified and painted in body colour, the spare wheel located on the wing received a cover, and the front seats were altered. The chassis was also supplied to third-party coachbuilders such as Salmons.

The "Pedomatic" launching mechanism was an uncommon element that was exclusive to the Big Six. To start the automobile, push the accelerator pedal, which activated the starting motor. The vacuum in the intake manifold released the starting motor once the engine began. The car's design (particularly its grille) was inspired by the Chevrolet Master sedan; nevertheless, the vehicle was 2 inches shorter than the Chevrolet Master sedans.

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