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History of the Vauxhall 10-4

The Vauxhall 10-4 is a compact family automobile manufactured in the United Kingdom by Vauxhall between 1937 and 1947. It was the first British automobile with a unitary construction body, and it debuted at the October 1937 London Motor Show. On November 1, 1937, the first automobile was delivered to a client. The car's name alluded to its fiscal horsepower, which at the time determined the class in which it would compete against automobiles like the Morris 10, Standard Ten, and Ford 10. In 1937, the advertised horsepower of the Vauxhall 10 was 34 bhp.

Unfortunately, the war intervened as manufacturing began, and Vauxhall's Luton facility moved to tank construction, making the Vauxhall 10 unavailable beyond 1940. The model was reintroduced in 1946 with the same 1203 cc ohv engine as previously, however with lower stated power output. Other than that, the postwar Vauxhall 10 remained mostly unchanged. However, with British customers constrained for cash and a crowded market for compact family vehicles of prewar design, Vauxhall dropped the 10 in 1947.

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