Standard Flying 14

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Standard Flying 14 Tyres

For Standard Flying 14 tyres a set of 550HR16 Michelin X is recommended by Longstone Tyres.

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    Standard Flying 14 Recommended Tyres

  1. 550HR16 Michelin X
    5.50 R 16 Michelin X

    Starting at $324.24 $270.20

  2. Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13
    Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13

    Starting at $30.24 $25.20

3 Items

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History of the Standard Flying 14

Built between 1937-1939, the Standard Flying 14 was a 5 seater family car. Though officially called the Standard 14, it became known as the Flying 14 due to its distinctive look that many manufacturers would soon start to copy by the end of the decade.

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