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Rolls Royce 25-30

  • Rolls Royce 25/30 drives really nicely with the Michelin 525/600X19 DR.
  • A 25/30 Royce also works well with the 650X19 Custom Classic which is excellent value.
  • Using the reinforced Michelin 19/20H RET inner tubes is money well spent.
  • For a 25/30 our suggested tyre pressures would be between 34 psi and 40 psi depending on the body.

Recommended Tyres for Rolls Royce 25-30

Other Options for Rolls Royce 25-30

Rolls Royce 25/30 History

The Rolls-Royce 25/30 built between 1936 and 1938 is an updated version of the 20/25 with larger engine to provide more power, as often, over-large bodies had been fitted to earlier models leading to complaints about its performance.

The in-line 6 cylinder, overhead valve, engine is similar to that used in the 20/25 but increased in capacity to 4257 cc. A single stromberg downdraught carburettor replaced the Rolls-Royce item and magneto ignition was no longer fitted but a standby coil was provided. Synchromesh was fitted to third and top gears.

The chassis still had rigid front and rear axles suspended by half elliptic springs with hydraulic dampers. Braking is on all four wheels assisted by a mechanical servo. Separate rear brakes are fitted for the handbrake.

Only the chassis and mechanical parts were made by Rolls-Royce. The body was made and fitted by a coachbuilder selected by the owner.