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Riley 'Kestrel' was a brand name applied by the Riley Motor Car Company to some of their pre and post-war saloon car models such as the Riley 9. In earlier instances, it often indicated a sporty variant characterized by its 'fastback' design.

The Riley Kestrel from 1965 to 1969, however, was a badge-engineered variant of the BMC AD016 car.

Riley Kestrel 1965-1969

1967 Riley Kestrel Tyres

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The Riley Kestrel belongs to the group of AD016 cars, which were produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1963 to 1968 and subsequently by British Leyland from 1968 to 1974.

  • The Riley 1100 Kestrel first fitted 550 - 12 crossply tyres.
  • The only crossply tyre we have in this size is the 5.50 x 12 Camac. We would recommend switching to radial tyres.
  • The alternative radial size to 5.50-12 is 145 R12 or 155 R12.
  • We do not have a good quality period tyre in the 155 R12 size, so we would suggest fitting 145 R12 tyres.
  • For these AD016 1100 and 1300 classic cars we suggest the 145 SR 12 Michelin MX.

Riley AD016 Innertubes

  • 145 R12 tyres are best fitted with Michelin 12CG innertubes.
  • The correct Riley Kestrel innertube for 550 - 12 tyres is the Michelin 12D.

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AD016 Riley Kestrel Timeline 1965-1969

September 1965:

  • United Kingdom witnesses the debut of the Riley Kestrel, a four-door saloon.
  • The Riley Kestrel is mechanically similar to the MG 1100.
  • Adorned with a wooden fascia, it boasts three round dials, including a rev counter.
  • Leather seats come as a standard feature.

June 1967:

  • The optional 1275 cc engine becomes available for the MG, Riley, Vanden Plas, and Wolseley versions.
  • This engine, with a single carburettor, offers 58 bhp.

End of May 1967:

  • BMC announces the installation of a larger 1275 cc engine in the MG, Riley Kestrel, Vanden Plas, and Wolseley variants.
  • The new model combines the 1275 cc engine block with the 1100 transmission, maintaining the same gear ratios.
  • However, the final-drive is significantly more highly geared.

October 1967:

  • Morris, Austin, and MG 1300 models are available in both two- and four-door configurations.
  • The Riley, Vanden Plas, and Wolseley models continue as four-door options.
  • Automatic transmission is available for the MG, Riley, Vanden Plas, and Wolseley models.

January 1968:

  • British Leyland (BL) acquires British Motor Holdings Limited.
  • BL begins streamlining its range, starting with the discontinuation of the Riley Kestrel 1100.

April 1968:

  • Introducing the MG 1300 two-door, Riley Kestrel 1300 four-door, and Wolseley 1300 four-door with a twin SU 65 bhp engine, replacing the single 56 bhp engine.

June 1968:

  • An enhanced twin carburettor version of BMC's 1,275 cc engine quietly powers the manual gearbox versions of the MG, Riley, Wolseley, and Vanden Plas models.
  • The single carburettor engine continues to be used in the automatic transmission versions.

October 1968:

  • Mark II versions of the MG, Riley, Vanden Plas, and Wolseley models make their entrance.
  • Riley abandons the Kestrel name.
  • The MG 1300 Mk.II and Riley 1300 Mk.II feature an upgraded twin-SU 70 bhp engine, replacing the previous twin-SU 65 bhp engine.
  • The Riley model is rebranded as the Riley 1300 Mk.II.
  • The MG, Riley, and Wolseley models receive interior updates, including the replacement of toggle switches with rocker switches and the addition of a central armrest in the rear seat.

July 1969:

  • The Riley 1300 Mk.II and the Riley brand are discontinued.
  • This event marks the end of the Riley marque, foreshadowing British Leyland's decision to discontinue the Wolseley marque and consolidate its model ranges under a single brand in the 1970s.

Riley Kestrel Fitment Guides

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1974 Riley Kestrel Tyre Pressures by Michelin

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