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1966 Morris 1100 Tyres

1966 Morris 1100

AD016 Morris 1100 1962–1971

The Morris 1100 is part of the badge engineered family of AD016 cars manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (1963-1968) and later British Leyland (1968-1974).

1964 AD016 1100 Tyres

1964 Morris 1100 Advert

BMC Morris 1300 1967–1974

  • The 1300 Morris cars fitted the same tyres as the 1100 series, first released on 550 - 12 crossply tyres, later fitting 145R12 or 155R12 tyres.
  • We recommend the 145R12 size as it allows us to recommend the 145 SR 12 Michelin MX.
  • The only tyre available in the 155R12 size is the 155 R 12 Nankang, which does not offer the period carcass or classic tyre pedigree of the Michelin.
  • First released in 1966, Morris Traveller tyres were the same as the standard models; 550 - 12 crossply, then 145R12 or 155R12 radial.

Morris 1300 GT 1969–1974

  • The Morris 1300GT released in 1969 fitted radial 145-12 tyres as original equipment.
  • We suggest fitting the Michelin 145 R12 Michelin MX.

BMC AD016 Innertubes

  • 145 R12 tyres can be fitted with a Michelin 12CG innertube.
  • The correct Morris 1100 innertube for 550 - 12 tyres is the Michelin 12D.

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    Morris 1100-1300 Recommended Tyres

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BMC AD016 History - Morris 1100/1300

The Morris 1100 and 1300 were part of the renowned BMC ADO16 (Amalgamated Design Office Project No.16) series, which introduced a new era of compact cars in the automotive industry. The ADO16 was a significant collaboration between the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and the German automaker BMW, as the foundation for this line of vehicles was based on the BMW AD016 platform.

In 1962, the Morris 1100 Mk1 made its debut as one of the earliest models within the ADO16 range. Designed to be a practical and affordable family car, the Morris 1100 offered a spacious interior, advanced engineering, and a smooth ride. Its distinctive design elements, such as the curvaceous bodywork and large glass area, contributed to its popularity.

As the ADO16 line evolved, the BMC 1100/1300s became known as "badge-engineered" cars, meaning they were produced under various brand names within the BMC group. The Morris 1100 was one of the key iterations of this versatile platform. It shared many components and features with its counterparts but carried the Morris badge, showcasing the brand's heritage and reputation.

Over the years, several versions of the BMC 1100/1300 were introduced, catering to different market segments and customer preferences. The range expanded from the basic Morris 1100 and Austin 1100 models to include the Wolseley 1100 and Riley Kestrel, which targeted the middle-class demographic. At the top end of the spectrum, the Vanden Plas Princess 1100 offered a luxurious and refined driving experience.

Sports enthusiasts were not forgotten, as the sporty MG 1100 variant appealed to those seeking a more dynamic driving experience. Additionally, two estate versions, the Morris Traveller and Austin Countryman, provided practicality and versatility for those requiring additional cargo space.

Throughout its production run, the Morris 1100 and 1300 retained the core characteristics of the ADO16 platform: a compact size, innovative engineering, and a comfortable driving experience. The models underwent various updates and improvements over time to enhance performance, safety, and convenience. Although the ADO16 era eventually came to an end, with the Morris 1100 and 1300 being replaced by subsequent models, its legacy as a groundbreaking compact car platform remains.

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