Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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Mercedes-Benz 190SL Tyres

6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX for the Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190 SL on 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX Tyres

  • The original tyres on the Mercedes SL were 640 - 13 Dunlop B5 crossply tyres, which are no longer in production.
  • Our recommended Mercedes 190 SL tyre is the 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX, a radial tyre designed specifically for classic cars like the 190 SL.
  • If you desired a whitewall tyre that also offered the best performance, the 6.40 x 13 Michelin ZX Whitewall is the only option.
  • The correct Mercedes 190SL innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 13F.
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 tyre pressure: in 1967, Pirelli offered a pressure of 28 PSI front and 30 PSI rear.

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    Mercedes-Benz 190SL Recommended Tyres

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