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Lotus Esprit Models

Lotus Esprit Models

Lotus Excel 1982–1992

  • In 1984 what Lotus called the Eclat Excel became the Lotus Excel, which fitted 205/60VR14 tyres, the only tyre we have in this size is the 205/60R14 Galaxy Formula X.
  • In 1986 the Lotus Excel SE fitted 15” wheels with 215/50VR15 tyres.
  • In 1987 Lotus fitted the Excel SA with an Auto Gearbox, which also ran on 215/50VR15 tyres.
  • For these 15” wheels we recommend the 215/50R15 Pirelli P700-Z.
Lotus Esprit Scenic

Lotus Esprit Scenic

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    Lotus Excel Recommended Tyres

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History of the Lotus Excel

The Lotus Excel was designed and built from 1982 to 1992, this was an odd and difficult time for Lotus, due to the fact they were in serious financial trouble in the face of economic recession. In 1982 Colin Chapman agreed to collaborate with Toyota to share designs, technology, and engineering application, this led to the Excel's drivetrain and other components being made with the help of Toyota. Toyota in return received aid building the suspension of the Toyota MR2 and Toyota Supra. Toyota would at this time become the majority shareholder in Lotus, then giving up that position when general motors bought Lotus. The Eclat Excel would feature the same driveshaft, transmission, rear diff, wheels, and even the same door handles as the Supra. The engine used in the Excel was the same double-overhead camshaft 2.2L Lotus 912 slant-four that was used in the Lotus Esprit S3.

The Excel was never imported to the United States due to poor sales outside the domestic market and emission regulations which would require a separate, tuned down model to meet standards. Throughout its decade long lifetime, two major upgrades were brought to the Excel. In 1985 the bumpers, interior, dashboard and wing were revamped. In 1989 new mirrors and 15-inch wheels derived from the Citroen CX that were first added to the Lotus Esprit were then added to the Excel.

Lotus Excel SE Tyres

What tyres did the Lotus Excel SE fit?

The later Lotus Excel SE, and the automatic Excel SA for that matter originally fitted fitted 215/50VR15 Dunlop tyres which are unfortunately no longer manufactured. However we would recommend fitting the 215/50ZR15 Pirelli P700-Z.

What is the recommended tyre pressure for a Lotus Excel SE?

The period Pirelli book we have for the Lotus Excel fitted with 15” wheels is 24 psi front and rear. The earlier Excel and some of the earlier Excel SA cars fitted 14” wheels with 205/60R14 tyres. Because of the extra volume inside the tyre they ran lower tyre pressures 22psi front and rear.

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