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Lamborghini Michelin fitment guide

Urraco 1972–1979

  • The first of the Lamborghini Urraco, including the orange press car, came fitted with 205/70 VR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • Lamborghingi Urraco P250 tyres, like the early Urraco P200 tyres were 205/70 - 14 tyres front and rear.
  • The Urraco P250S tyres were also 205/70VR14 front and rear.
  • In 1974 When Lamborghini introduce the 3 litre Urraco P300 they moved to a smaller 195/70 - 14 tyres on the front. In this size we can recommend the 195/70 VR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • Original Lamborghini Urraco P300 tyres were 195/70VR14 Michelin XWX front and 205/70 VR 14 Michelin XWX on the rear.
  • Currently Michelin no longer make the front 195/70VR14 tyre. As a result we sugest fitting the Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tyres.
  • Lamborghini Urraco P250 and P250S tyre pressures - front 33psi and 36psi rear.
  • Lamborghini Urraco P300 32psio front 36psi rear.
  • We believe Lamborghini Urraco wheels are not tubeless wheels, as a result we recommend fitting the Michelin 14F innertubes.

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