Lagonda Rapide

  • The Lagonda Rapide fitted 7.10-15 Crossply tyres.
  • There is not a 7.10-15 cross ply tyre that we would happily recommend for the early 1960s Lagonda rapide.
  • We would suggest fitting the 205VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN72 to a Lagonda Rapide.
  • The best inner tube for the Rapide is Michelin 15/17H13.

It is important to note that this is the Lagonda Rapide of the early '600s not the fabulous V12 Lagonda Rapide of the pre war period.

Lagonda Rapide Tyres

The tyre we are suggesting for the early '600s Rapide, the 205VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN72 which Aston Martin did fit to their series 2 DB6 and the early DBS.

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